American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Program Guide
Transit Capital Assistance (urban)
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Federal Program Description The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provides new funding for, among many other categories, public transportation capital projects.  This included apportionment tables for the $5.4 billion provided to urbanized areas through the Section 5307 program.  Funds were apportioned directly to the 38 urbanized areas over 1 million population and 114 urbanized areas with populations between 200,000 and 1 million, and to 52 States and territories for urbanized areas under 200,000 in population. 
The funds may be used for any capital purpose eligible under 49 U.S.C. 5302(a)(1), including such activities as vehicle replacements, facilities renovation or construction, preventive maintenance, and mobility management.  States and metropolitan areas may transfer Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds allocated by FHWA to the Section 5307 program for ready to go transit projects.
CFDA Number 20.500
Assistance Type Formula Grants
ARRA Citation Title XII - Federal Transit Administration - Transit Capital Assistance - page 95-96
ARRA Reporting 1201(c) – Periodic Grantee Reports: Grantee reports aggregate data for each ARRA grant received as of the end of the quarter:  expenditures; numbers of procurements at various stages of implementation (out to bid, under contract, underway, completed) and ARRA dollars associated with those procurements; direct jobs created or maintained by the all projects and activities funded by the grant; State funding planned and received for projects eligible under the FTA program the grant was awarded under
1512(c) Reports – Quarterly Grantee Reports: Requires grantee to report detailed information for each ARRA grant about direct recipient and subrecipients; information about projects funded by the grant, including reports of direct jobs created and maintained; and basic information about vendors receiving more than $25 thousand threshold from direct recipient or subrecipient.

Federal Agency Department of Transportation
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NYS Program Title Transit - Urban
NYS Agency New York State Department of Transportation
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