American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Program Guide
Capital Assistance for High Speed Rail Corridors and Intercity Passenger Rail Service
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Federal Program Information
Federal Program Description In April, President Obama released a strategic plan outlining his vision for high-speed rail. The plan identifies $13 billion in federal funds -- $8 billion in the Recovery Act and $5 billion requested in the President's budget -- to jump-start a potential world-class passenger rail system and sets the direction of transportation policy for the future. Detailed guidance for up to the first $8 billion in federal grant applications will be announced later this month and the first round of grants are expected to be awarded as soon as late summer 2009.
FRA intends to employ a mix of three new competitive grant programs recently authorized in the Passenger Rail Improvement Act of 2008 (PRIIA) and funded through ARRA:
  1. High Speed Rail (HSR) Corridor Development
  2. Intercity Passenger Rail (IPR) Service Corridor Capital Assistance
  3. Congestion Grants

The objectives of this program are twofold. In the long-term, the program aims to build an efficient, high speed passenger rail network connecting major population centers 100 to 600 miles apart. In the near-term, the program will begin to lay the foundation for this modernized transportation system by upgrading the reliability and service of conventional intercity passenger rail.
For the High Speed Rail Program, Federal Railroad Administration program guidance builds upon Vision for High-Speed Rail in America, the Administration's April 2009 high-speed rail strategic plan for the implementation of this program.

CFDA Number 20.319
Assistance Type Project Grants
ARRA Citation Title XII - Federal RailRoad Administration - Capital Assistance for High Speed Rail Corridors and Intercity Passenger Rail Service
ARRA Reporting tbd
Federal Agency Department of Transportation
NYS Information
NYS Program Title High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail
NYS Agency New York State Department of Transportation
Contact Ann Purdue
Phone (518) 457-0607
Program Funding
National Total $8,000 million
NYS Share tbd
Flow of Funds NYSDOT must apply for ARRA grants for High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail. Eligible applicants include states, groups of states, interstate compacts and public agencies. The states are the primary recipients for funding under this program. The 3 competitive discretionary rail grant programs each have slightly different applicant eligibility requirements:
HSR Corridor Program: States, groups of States, Interstate Compacts, public high-speed rail agencies established by one or more States, and Amtrak are eligible to apply
IPR Program: States, groups of States, Interstate Compacts, public intercity passenger rail agencies established by one or more States, and Amtrak are eligible to apply
Congestion Program: States and Amtrak (in cooperation with States) are eligible to apply
FY 2009 Capital Assistance to States: Intercity Passenger Rail Service Program - Departments of Transportations for any State are eligible to apply
While ARRA appropriated funds are not explicitly required to be included in the STIP to be eligible for funding, a project must be compatible with the plans developed pursuant to the transportation planning requirements which set up the STIP, therefore include of a project in the applicant State's STIP would be one way of fulfilling this requirement. While Congress exempted ARRA grant funds from the requirement contained in PRIIA stipulating that projects must be on an approved State Rail Plan, FRA will be looking for evidenced that projects fit into an applicant's longer-term intercity passenger rail development plans, including evidence that projects are on a prioritized list of projects that meaningfully advance a longer-term corridor development program.
Applications for competitive discretionary grants must be submitted electronically to The preceeding external link opens a new browser window which allows organizations to find and apply electronically for competitive grant opportunities and cooperative agreements from all Federal grant-making agencies, as well as, modifications to current grants or cooperative agreements. All prospective High Speed Rail applicants must also submit a pre-application for all Tracks in order to establish communication with FRA, and to afford FRA an opportunity to provide feedback to the prospective applicant as to the suitability of their proposed project.
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